The physiology

The physiology The body of the child lives pleasure of soul.

The physiology teaches us to much.

The modest breakfast on freedom is better acquired by an organism, than the magnificent meal in narrowness and closeness, on an open air an organism is more active.

The dinner in the company of dear friends is much more nutritious, than a feast at the table of the tyrant in the company of servile servants.

Freedom here that is important.

Where us oppress, it is impossible to keep health.

The condition of physical health of the person depends on a condition of its spirit The physiology explains this phenomenon.

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So, sincefive

So, sincefive Development of this a way to Nosta speaks, in particular,that children very easily and quicklyunderstand any skhematichesky images and with successuse them.

So, sincefive years preschool children even atsingle explanation canto understand that such the room plan, and, using a markon the plan, find in a room the hidden subject.

They learnschematic images of subjects, use the type schememap to choose the necessary way in it is branched out ache to system of paths, etc.

Many types of knowledge which the child cannot acquire onto basis of a verbal explanation of the adult or in process organizobathrooms adults of actions with subjects, it easily acquires, ifthis knowledge gives it in the form of actions with the models displayingessential lines of the studied phenomena.

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Ropes will

Ropes willUnfortunately, only in the country at a dacha or in the village the child on ~is more senior can to rock on high swing so loved by children, the seat hangs on long ropes.

Ropes will allow not only strongly races ~ but also to change a movement trajectory children love ~, twisting round its pivotcenter or shaking obliquely it is pleasant to themto master difficult, wide, carried out with big acceleration ~zheniye of all body in threedimensional space.

It not only good friction ~rovka of a vestibular mechanism, but also receiving grasping spirit oshchushche ~flight niya over the earth and coverage of big space.

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Secondly, the best

Secondly, the best Their consciousness is not too developed yet, they are not capable to understand clearly enough speech as a whole, but perfectly understand separate words and can with the hugein indefatigable interest to be engaged in separate parts of speech.

Our method began as heresy.

First, we are sure that children are most capable to the letter at the age from four till five years.

Secondly, the best time for grammar studying from five and a half till seven, eight years.

It is wrong to think that for the analysis it is necessary to create a complete design at first.

So for the objects created by the nature, them it is necessary to analyze it to understand.

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In it vre~zachy

In it vre~zachy When staff is constructed, mastered also new forchild feeling of security and group general force ~but, there comes a turn of new forms of contact of children with the world of adults.

On on ~sew classifications, it is the third stage of life of children's staff.

In it vre~zachy children build staff children are inclined to perceive staff first of all as secret on ~blyudatelny point, and itself as scouts whom it is imperceptiblecan watch all events outside.

In this position of the observer is new that the child and about ~stranstvenno also it is psychologically allocated from environment and it ~ we here, they there.

The second important detail consists in the prince ~pialny distinction of positions of observers and for whom they conduct ~deniye.

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